Community Engagement

Your Community Liaison Officer

Dalia IslamMuse Developments, Morgan Sindall and Lambeth Council are committed to engaging with local people.

Dalia Islam (pictured) is the Morgan Sindall Community Liaison Officer for the Your New Town Hall project, coordinating community engagement on behalf of Lambeth and Muse Developments Ltd. Please contact Dalia if you have any questions or feedback relating to construction activity.





Community Forums

It is important that the local community, key stakeholders and other local development project teams are fully informed of what is happening and when. We also believe that it is vital that there is a platform for all affected parties to discuss concerns, share information and address issues. That is why we have set up two forums: the Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forum and the Brixton Construction Management Forum. Minutes of both forums will be circulated between attendees, and a mechanism for communication between the two groups will be put in place.

You can download relevant documents below:

Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forum

Meeting 3: 01.12.16
Agenda Minutes Actions tracker 01.12.16

Meeting 2: 28.09.16
Agenda Minutes Actions tracker 21.09.16

Meeting 1: 24.05.16
Agenda Minutes CEMP note Forum Terms of Reference

Brixton Construction Management Forum

Meeting 3: 15.02.18

Meeting 2: 14.09.16
Agenda Minutes

Meeting 1: 15.06.16
Agenda Minutes

List of HIP Streets Portfolio Register


Lambeth Working

Lambeth Working is a Lambeth Council initiative that sees the council joining together with local organisations to offer local people access to jobs, and provide employment and business support services to Lambeth citizens and businesses.

For information regarding construction opportunities, email or call 020 7926 3338.

Construction and Environmental Management Plan consultation

Construction for the Your New Town Hall project began in April 2016. In late 2016 we consulted on a ‘Construction & Environmental Management Plan’ (CEMP) for the Triangle site. All of the feedback we received was considered by Morgan Sindall when finalising the Plan.

The CEMP was approved by the Council in April, a summary of which is available to view here:

CEMP summary

If you have any questions about this document, please email or call 07976 587 990 and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.