This page will provide information about works occurring in relation to the Your New Town Hall project.

In addition to these updates, near neighbours/affected parties will also continue to be updated directly.

2020 update

Olive Morris House

  • Planned construction works to be undertaken in spring 2020. Click here for an update on this.
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2019 update

Town Hall

  • Works completed in December 2017 and the building is open to the local community.

Civic Office

  • Works completed in February 2018 and the building is open to the local community.

Ivor House

  • Works completed in September 2018.

Hambrook House

  • Works completed in December 2018.

Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

The Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) provides details of the works being undertaken on the Triangle site.

The purpose of the CEMP is to:

  • Describe the nature of the construction activities
  • Summarise the likely environmental issues that may arise during construction such as noise, dust and vibration
  • Specify the team’s approach to managing these
  • Outline the construction and demolition programme

The local community was involved in consultation and a summary of this document is available to view here:

Download CEMP summary

About the contractor

morgan-sindall-logoMorgan Sindall is the main contractor working on site and is part of the Considerate Constructors scheme which means they will adhere to and exceed where possible, the scheme’s codes and standards to minimise disturbance or negative impact (in terms of noise, dirt and inconvenience) sometimes caused by construction sites. The scheme seeks to observe standards of site management, safety and environmental awareness beyond statutory duties.

Morgan Sindall is also bound to the CEMP described above and will be undertaking construction within the guidelines set out in the document.



Community enquiries during construction

If you have any further questions or concerns about construction, please contact Dalia Islam, Morgan Sindall’s Community Liaison Officer on 07976 587 990 or email