Commencement of main works

Whilst some early, preparatory works were undertaken in early 2016, works on Phase 1A began in April 2016. This includes:

  • The demolition of Town Hall Parade and the erection of a six storey building to create a new, energy efficient Civic Office

Diagram to show the redevelopment process of Town Hall Parade. From left to right, images show: Town Hall Parade today/prior to works; Town Hall Parade demolition – Commencement April 2016 – completion Summer 2016; Civic Centre construction – Summer 2016 – Spring 2018; Civic Centre complete – Spring 2018. (Click diagram to enlarge)


  • Refurbishment and alterations to the Grade II listed Lambeth Town Hall. Works will include the demolition of modern buildings to the rear, reinstatement of the original atrium with a new roof, installation of new lifts, doors and windows. There will also be basement modifications to provide new office space and enhanced public facilities
  • Change of use of the Press building from council uses to provide a cycle hub comprising 218 cycle spaces along with a café
  • Street trees and landscaping
  • Closure of Buckner Road (from Monday 18th April 2016) and the reconfiguration of Porden Road, including the removal of some residential parking bays, to allow two way traffic until Spring 2018. (Click the diagram to enlarge).


The works are scheduled to last approximately 96 weeks with completion of the scheme due Mid 2018.