Community Engagement 2020

Muse Developments, The London Borough of Lambeth Council and McAleer & Rushe are committed to engaging with the local community.

GL Hearn were appointed by Muse to carry out initial community and stakeholder engagement on their behalf. McAleer & Rushe, the construction contractor, have now appointed Carole Pridmore a dedicated Community Engagement Manager who will provide regular project updates. Carole is available if you have any queries, concerns or comments on the project. Her contact details are provided in the blue bar at the bottom of this page.

Community Forums

It is important that the local community, key stakeholders and other local development project teams are fully informed of what is happening and when. We also believe that it is vital that there is a platform for all affected parties to discuss concerns, share information and address issues.

That is why we set up two forums when the Your New Town Hall project began: the Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forum (BNCF) and the Brixton Construction Management Forum (BCMF). Minutes from both meetings will be circulated and issues raised in each group are reported across both sessions.

You can view previous notes from these Forum sessions further down this page – downloads are provided.

September 2020

The third Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forum (BNCF) was held on 23 September to discuss Olive Morris House. A presentation was produced (link below) with details of current and future works – including audio pre-recordings.

The Forum’s ‘Terms of Reference’ has also been updated and is provided below. However, on the basis that there will be a wholesale review of the communications approach following September’s BNCF, this is likely to be subject to considerable change.

The next BNCF forum will be held in January – date to be confirmed.


August 2020

We are proposing a change in methodology to further reduce the noise created on site and provide a protective visual screen to the residents of Beverstone Road. The proposed change will also expediate the demolition through the use of larger excavators that can “munch” their way through the building rather than continuous breaking. We recently delivered a letter to Beverstone Road residents, whose homes are adjacent to the site.


June 2020

We are holding a second Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forum (BNCF) to discuss Olive Morris House, the final phase of the Your New Town Hall project. These Forums will be held online with the local community. You can download the presentation and agenda below which will be used in the online sessions.


May 2020

We re-established the Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forum (BNCF) to discuss Olive Morris House, the final phase of the Your New Town Hall project, in April 2020. We held two Forum online sessions with the local community.

Due to continued Government Covid-19 restrictions on social distancing, we are having this session online again. The local community has been invited to attend one of two online sessions being held on 12 and 15 June so they can discuss the project directly with the team and learn more about the ongoing works.

Download June Forum Invitation

We have updated the proposed/draft June Forum agenda following feedback that we received. The agenda can be downloaded below. If you have any comments about this, please email us at by Monday 8 June.

Download Proposed/Draft Agenda [docx]

April 2020

We are now in the process of re-establishing the Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forum (BNCF) to discuss Olive Morris House*, the final phase of the Your New Town Hall project, given demolition works are commencing on 20 April 2020.

*Please note that proposals for Olive Morris House have not changed from the original plans which were discussed at community meetings prior to planning.

However, due to current Government Covid-19 restrictions on social distancing, to begin with, we are taking this session online so that residents still have the opportunity to discuss these works directly with the team. The local community has been invited to attend one of two online sessions being held on 24 and 27 April. Please download the invitation flyer below for information on how to get involved, and the presentation which will be used in the online sessions.

Download BNCF Flyer Download BNCF April Presentation

The BNCF will be held every couple of months as either online sessions (whilst Covid-19 restrictions remain) or as face-to face meetings as soon as this is allowed.

For more information on the development proposals for the Olive Morris House site, please go to the Olive Morris House page.

For more information on the current Olive Morris House demolition works, please go to the Construction page.

To see some Olive Morris House specific Frequently Asked Questions, please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

March 2020

In March 2020, we issued a newsletter to the local community before it was determined that we would run an online session of the Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forum (BNCF). This newsletter was distributed to the local community to announce that works would be starting on site at Olive Morris House on 6 April and to provide more information on this. As per recent community communications, start on site has subsequently been changed to 20 April and we will be running the Forum online.

Download March 2020 Newsletter

Opportunity Lambeth

Opportunity Lambeth provides employment support to residents who are looking for work, offering personalised help from local community organisations and access to training. Opportunity Lambeth also promotes job opportunities, connecting those residents who are looking for work with local vacancies including those arising from new developments in the borough.


Phone: 020 7926 0500

Olive Morris House BNCF minutes

Meeting: September 2020
Forum meeting on 23 September
Minutes [pdf]

Meeting 1: April 2020
Forum meeting on 24 April
Minutes [pdf]
Forum meeting on 27 April
Minutes [pdf]

Meeting 2: June 2020
Forum meeting on 12 June
Minutes [pdf]
Forum meeting on 15 June
Minutes [pdf]

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Meeting 1: 24.05.16
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