Concerns regarding dust creation

We know have received some concerns regarding the level of dust from construction works for the Your New Town Hall project and people have reported seeing plumes of dust which are in fact, fine water spray used to damp down the site and minimise dust. You can see from the photos in the document below that it’s an easy mistake to make but we want to reassure you that site managers are monitoring work activities, with a specific focus on dust creation, on a daily basis.

Morgan Sindall has been taking significant steps to reduce the level of dust on site including:

  • Water Misters are fixed to the end of the long reach demolition machines to dampen down dust at the source so this does not carry through the air
  • Additional water misters spray fine mist directly onto the work area
  • Protective plastic sheeting installed to contain the demolition works
  • The wheels of all vehicles are jet-washed before leaving the site so that dust and dirt are not carried onto local roads

All employees of Morgan Sindall are constantly aware of the need to minimise the impacts of demolition and construction keeping in mind the site’s proximity to central Brixton and surrounding residents. Site managers are monitoring potential environmental impacts to ensure that these do not affect local people. Below is a comprehensive explanation on how Morgan Sindall are managing dust through the demolition phase.

Downoad Dust control on the YNTH project [PDF 1.1mb]