Olive Morris House


Spring 2020 Update

Demolition of the current Olive Morris House will commence on Monday 20 April.

For more information about the demolition works, please go to the Construction page.

To ensure the community is fully briefed on the demolition works and can speak to Muse Developments, O’Keefe and Lambeth Council directly about any works related queries, two ONLINE* Brixton Neighbourhood Construction Forums (BNCF) will be held in April. Offline options to get involved are also available.

For more information on how to get involved in the BNCF, please go to the Community Engagement page.

*Currently being held online due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions but to be re-established as a face-to-face forum when this is appropriate.

Proposals for Olive Morris House

The new development on the Olive Morris House site will provide 74 new apartments. A predominantly six storey building (with setback seventh story) is proposed which is in keeping with the scale of the adjacent residential blocks overlooking Rush Common. The homes will be of the highest quality and conform to national housing standards. Commercial and retail space will be introduced at ground level and basement levels.

Olive Morris House Floor levels plan
Olive Morris House - Floor plan

The tenure mix for the proposed residential units has been developed in line with LBL planning policies to provide a range of accommodation that responds to local needs. The accommodation split comprises 60% market sale and 40% affordable tenures.

Tenure 1 bedroom/2 person 2 bedroom/3 person 2 bedroom/4 person 3 bedroom/5 person Total
Market sale 21 0 23 0 44
Intermediate 3 6 0 0 9
Affordable rent 3 4 2 12 21
Total 27 10 25 12 74