The Your New Town Hall project has rejuvenated Lambeth’s historic Town Hall, preserving its features and making it more open and accessible to residents. It will also reduce Lambeth Council’s core office buildings from 14 to two, saving at least £4.5m a year.

The project features:

  • Quality office space for local enterprises and start-ups, now open
  • An energy efficient civic building with customer centre and council offices, now completed
  • Landscaped public areas
  • 194 new homes, 40 per cent of which will be classed as affordable homes, being developed
  • A new cycle hub with changing/shower facilities and a café, now completed.

The scheme will be ‘car-free’ – parking permits will not be allowed, except for basement parking for wheelchair residents within the Olive Morris House development.

Designs for the project centre around a ‘Triangle Site’ comprising the Town Hall, Town Hall Parade, Hambrook House and Ivor House.

Development plans for YNTH as a whole include (click on links for more information):

  • The Town Hall – This has been retained for democratic services, community, and start-up business space
  • Town Hall Parade – This was redeveloped for the new council office building
  • Hambrook House – This was redeveloped to provide new housing (40% affordable) and a dental business at ground floor
  • The Press – Has been redeveloped as a cycle hub and cafe
  • Ivor House – This was refurbished to provide new housing (40% affordable) and retail/restaurant space available at basement/ground floor.
  • Olive Morris House – being redeveloped for 74 new apartments (40% affordable) with commercial and retail at ground and basement levels

Aerial view

Below is an aerial view of the Lambeth Council buildings that are proposed for the ‘Your New Town Hall’ redevelopment


The Your New Town Hall project is part of the Future Brixton programme along with other site specific projects Brixton Central and Somerleyton Road, and work taking place across the town centre. To find out more about other regeneration projects underway in Brixton please visit www.futurebrixton.org